target-oh-capture-1358108088GREAT BRACES CARE EARNS A CHANCE TO WIN!

At every appointment every patient can earn a chance to win a $50 TARGET GIFT CARD.  Patients must come to their appointment with excellent hygiene and no loose or broken appliances to be eligible.











When your braces are placed you will receive a cool Pappas & Tapley T-shirt. Wear your shirt to your appointments and receive coupons for our currently featured restaurant.

Patient Contests

We run several fun contests a year where patients can participate. Contests are designed for all ages. Here are some of our most recent winners. You could be next!

Our Current Contest

Can you name at least two of the three new judges on the new season of American Idol? To enter be sure to stop at the front desk before or after your appointment to fill out an entry form or you can go to our Facebook Page, Pappas & Tapley Orthodontics and message us who you think the new judges are and we will enter you in. Good luck to all of our Pappas & Tapley Patients!











Recent Winners